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January 24, 2019
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The origin of the fabulous garment, the saree, is a bit ambiguous, but one thing is sure, it boasts the oldest existence in the sartorial world. This garment is 5000 years old and is mentioned in the Vedas as well. Any Indian ethnic wear is very well known for its creative designs, also for the miniscule details that it takes into consideration. Hand woven dresses, sarees and dupattas are a significant aspect of Indian Couture.


The cutdana embroidery originated from the royal homes of India. They were pieces of well-cut stones that were woven by hand on the clothes. It distinguished the royal, affluent families from those belonging to the lower class, who could only afford to wear plain clothes with hardly any ornamentation.


Cutdana, known as bugle beads in English, are used as artistic components to add an element of grandeur to the dress. These are types of stones that are cut at specific angles so as to enable the reflection of light. The materials mostly used for the Cutadana embroidery are satin, silk, and other posh fabrics to give the dress an offbeat air. Here’s another magnificent piece of work by the Mapxencar sisters.


The border of the saree is brilliantly adorned with white Cutdana, and on the whole the saree is entirely embroidered in the self-coloured thread. The pattern is inspired from nature. This pattern uses flowers, leaves, trees, creepers or also peacocks or animals. Here in this saree they’ve used flowers and leaves throughout. A total masterpiece produced by the designers.

The saree looks simple yet a tinge of elegance is presence in every aspect of it. This traditional outfit has got a contemporary touch which gives it its desired urbane look. This style complements the women who wears this saree and in turn helps her to make an individualistic style statement. The charm of the Cutdana Embroidery is still not lost.

Whether you want to look like your father’s princess or your husband’s queen, this saree gives you the imperial look.

So what are you waiting for? Flaunt your style with the Cream Skirt Saree at your prestigious family occasions.

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