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January 24, 2019
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Classic – the best way to define Indian beauty; but, a fusion of Indo-western takes the entire story to a different level altogether.

This was the aim of mapxencaRS; a label by twin sisters Riddhi & Siddhi who designed the most recent and an enormous piece almost as if they put their heart and soul in designing it is, the Blue embroidered sleeve georgette Anarkali.

Style of pure elegance

This is a show of perfect eliteness. A person who could carry this Anarkali well would definitely give it a look of pure elegance. The way the sleeves have been entirely covered with some classic embroidery, the neck which has got a pretty chic style and the border which has got a kind of braided look continues till the bottom which gives it a continuous yet an independent look. The same border has been used on the sleeves to give it a touch of uniformity. These are some of the things that become the style statement for this anarkali. The embroidery on the garments is executed in such a precise manner that it looks like it’s printed rather than just adorned.

The English Country Gardens Style

The style for this dress taken up is ‘English Country Gardens Style’. This is one of those styles which uses light summer fabrics like chiffon, georgettes, satin linen and pure silks. These fabrics give a royal touch to the clothes they are used in. The colour palette used has a tone of summer memories. A diverse range of colours like onion pinks, peaches,off-whites, pale blue and brown can be used. Well, in this anarkali they’ve used pale blue with the contrast of white in the embroidery and the chudidar. A border of pale blue silk/satin has been used at the end of the dress which gives it a similar and at the same time a unique look. The silhouettes are long, fluid and layered which further enhances the appearance of the one who wears it.

When a person wears this style, the appearance and the feel good attitude gives the dress the look it deserves. The elegance & grace that follows is a thing that is way different. Both the designers have an eye for detail & for contrasts and we can see that from their various designs on


“We strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens”, say the twin sisters, Riddhi & Siddhi Mapxencar.

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