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January 24, 2019
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Some define love as being blind, and that’s the reason why when you’re in love, you can’t see the imperfections. Love doesn’t look with the eyes, but with the mind. For some it is the philosophy of life.

For us, love is everything to do with fashion, because Fashion is our passion. It is perfect to leave an impact on someone, whether you meet them for the first time or the tenth time. Fashion being a part of Valentine’s Day gives us a feeling of ‘Hurray’.

A wonderful gift for the special one:

“Dinner at 9, be ready and wear the surprise dress kept on the right of my wardrobe”.

This would definitely make her feel special, and we know that if she’s happy so would you be. This Valentine’s Day let us help you surprise your special one with our splendid collection.

Pink georgette sari gown with embroidery on front & back

As we know, pink for women is like synonymous. It’s like when it’s pink it’s for women.

This beautiful saree is a piece of gracefulness. It would look exceptional if carried well. The look that this saree gown gives is a very chic present-day look. Basically, this is a contemporary classic outfit. The sleeves and the neck is covered with black net instead of the georgette material used in the rest of the saree. This takes away the regular look from the saree giving it a look that is extraordinary. On the front, the saree has velvet embroidery which gives the saree its own unique charm. Another unique thing about the saree gown is the drapes that are so evident and neat, this makes the saree gown all the more irresistible.

Beige gold satin silk saree with black shiny border & brick textured cape blouse

Satin is a material which has a very luxurious feel and appearance, it has gained a lot of prominence in the past few years Not only this, it is also very distinctive and has a glossy and smooth feel. Satin as a material is quite smooth and a hot favourite as it is light in weight and give the desired look of sheer elegance.

This beige saree with a black shiny border gives it a trendy look. The cape blouse with brick pattern is something new in the exclusive. So, go get the timeless and exquisite piece of design and see her smiling all through the evening and every time she wears it

Dress to impress her

Ochre jacket & trouser with white shirt & white pocket square

Ochre is a colour that has been used as a supporting colour for many, may be because of its lower saturation. It can be used as a neutralizer. When you go out for this Valentine’s date you can wear this suit which is sober and at the same time sophisticated. A white shirt along with the ochre colour would go well as both the colours are not too loud. It may not be the first impression that you need to make on her this time, but why not treat every year as you did on the first and let the fire of love be burning?

Maroon textured lapel jacket with maroon shirt, trouser and black pocket square

This silk suit would definitely add a touch of suave to the romantic dinner date.Well this one is a bit unique, it has a lapel jacket that is braided, which gives it a touch of traditional Indian wear along with elegance. You know what is the best fusion? When you combine Indianness with sophistication.

The colour is unique and it is perfect for special occasion of Valentine’s Day

Well, everything comes to an end. So here, before ending it we would love to say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Whatever you do, keep it simple, because when it’s simple it doesn’t loses it’s charm.

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